Summer-Time For Closures

With forecasts of snow this week, makes it hard to believe that Summer is right around the corner. Thoughts of warm sun on our faces as we ride, brings a smile to our collective faces.  But the nagging in the back of our minds is that with summer sun also comes summer construction.

Usually, this doesn’t bother us one bit because riding around or through construction zones on a bike, are much easier than in a car.  But unfortunately this summer it looks like the construction is going to spill over onto bike paths all over Minneapolis.

In fact our main route (the Midtown Greenway) has re-routed us every day this week up onto Cedar while they work on the path.  We are happy that they are keeping them up but, it is frustrating to have to find a different route to work.  Here are two updates to projects that we know if which are going to alter some folks bike routes:

1) Hiawatha Light Rail Trail – Thank to Hokan for the tip on this one.  It looks like starting in July the trail will be detoured near the Cedar-Riverside area.  This could get pretty hairy, considering this is a cyclists best option to cross over 35w.  If that bridge is closed, getting into downtown is going to be tough.

2) Nicollet Mall Closure – Bike Everywhere is reporting that starting back on April 11th Nicollet Mall is closed to everyone including bikes  and might be closed for up to 4 weeks. This isn’t a huge deal, as there are many other options for cyclists downtown.

Has anyone else heard of trail closures this coming summer?  How are these going to affect you?

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2 Responses to Summer-Time For Closures

  1. Randall says:

    I heard that part of the Greenway is closing too.

  2. Alex says:

    NOT looking forward to the LRT trail closing! Though maybe if they put in some lights and made it a bit safer, it’d be worth it.

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