ARTCRANK Continued

Many of you might have visited ARTCRANK at Shelter Studios on that perfect day back at that beginning of the month.  If that was your only experience with ARTCRANK, you should take the opportunity to check it out down at One on One Bicycle Studio, it is a whole new experience.

In comparison, the Shelter Studios show was an event to be reckoned with.  People from wall to wall, shuffling a few feet every minute, all crowding to get a look at the posters. We get the feeling that in a lot of ways the display at One on One is really the way that ARTCRANK should be appreciated.  No, you don’t get the social elements, the beer, or the conversations, but you are left with one important thing, the art.

Instead of straining to see a poster in the distance, you can leisurely move from one to the next, allowing yourself to linger on any small aspect that you find interesting.  Also something about the art being hung so close to so many beautiful bikes, gives the posters a whole new feel and aesthetic.

With the extra time we managed to pick out a poster that we really liked, and that will look good on the walls of CTC headquarters.  If you are planning on going, be sure to hurry, the more popular posters are starting to sell out and once they are gone, it’s for good.  In fact the poster that we picked up, was hand numbered 39/40, phew, just in the nick of time.

ARTCRANK is on exhibit at One on One Bicycle Studio until May 6th.

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