Why Minneapolis Roads Suck

Small talk in Minneapolis this spring seems to inevitably lead to a conversation about the roads.  Specifically, how absolutely terrible they are. You hear people say things like “I’ve been living in Minneapolis for 35 years and this is the worst I can remember”.

If we are all asking the question a recent article by Steve Berg over at Minnpost seems to give us an answer bottom line; neglect.

For the last 20 years the amount of money going to the city of Minneapolis from the State of Minnesota has been decreasing.  When left with a choice the folks who how the purse strings of the City have chosen to cut back on road maintenance instead of laying-off police and firefighters.  The cumulative effect of the neglect is the crumbling asphalt that we have before us today.

The real problem is that with the current proposed cuts to LGA (Local Government Aid), it might not even be possible for the city of keep up.  We are happy to pay taxes for a better Minneapolis, the only problem is more taxes are going to the state, and less money is coming back to the City.

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