Chickens of the Hiawatha Trail

Among the construction, broken glass, empty soda cans, and blowing trash that litters the Hiawatha Light Rail Bicycle Trail, there is a peculiar sight just down from the doggy daycare.


The first time we rolled past we had to do a double take, what on earth were chickens doing behind a fence just a few feet from the Hiawatha commuter line?  Were they lost? Would they shortly be someone’s dinner?  Over a few weeks, the chickens began to have more of a home built for them, a coop, a board for running… well that is about it, but still, they have their own little place back there.

Anyone know what this is all about?

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4 Responses to Chickens of the Hiawatha Trail

  1. Jess says:

    That’s the Sisters’ Camelot place. I assume the chickens are another step in their food mission.

  2. Luke Francl says:

    I’ve got some pictures of them on Flickr:

    Bike path chickens

  3. crossn81 says:

    I wondered that today on my run past the building. A guy was out trimming the trees while another relaxed on the hammock. Glad to get some resolution!

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