Hey Saint Paul…..

We call ourselves Cycle Twin Cities because we want to cover all of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, but after three months of blogging, we have noticed something, Saint Paul seems to be living up to the “sleepy” reputation.  This is not a post intended to pick on Saint Paul in any way, rather we hope that it will spur some discussion and hopefully turn us on to some new cycling resources to help us cover the Saint Paul area.

You might ask, how did we come to our conclusions?  Well, mainly based on feedback, communication (or lack thereof), and a general lack of participation.  The majority of events that we have heard about and covered have been in Minneapolis, not because we are scared of crossing the river, but because these are the only events that we are hearing about.

There can be no doubt that the MPLS Bike Love Forums have had a huge impact on the Minneapolis Cycling Community, but that doesn’t mean that nobody from Saint Paul is on them.  All of the bike blogs that we are aware of are based in Minneapolis, why?  Even small things like submissions for the Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day, are almost exclusively submitted by Minneapolis residents.

So Saint Paul cyclists, come on join the party, or at least point us to where the Saint Paul party is.

Let us know in the comments.

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One Response to Hey Saint Paul…..

  1. Bryce Rasmussen says:

    St. Paul resident here.

    Basically the only reason I live in St. Paul is because the wife wills it.

    I’d much prefer to live in mappalis.

    Alas, the sacrifices we make for love.

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