Top Five CTC Posts From March

It’s that time for us to look back at the month that was, and check out what you, the readers, looked at the most.  March 2011, will be remembered for the end of Cars-R-Coffins, the Slick 50, Tiny Bike Shop Concert, and generally crappy weather.  As of today CTC has been running for three months.  In that time we have put up over 335 posts, all about the Twin Cities cycling scene.  We have been able to keep up so far, but we would love help from you.  Have something to say about the Twin Cities Cycling scene, let us know, and we will feature a post written by you.

Thanks for continuing to come back everyone!

Let’s take a look back at our most popular posts from the past month.

5) Minneapolis vs. Portland: The Battle Continues.


We managed to piss off most of the City of Portland, yeah, it was a pretty good day.

4) Minneapolis Moving By Bike – An Interview with Alex and Kate.

Plenty of people move by bike, but not like this.  Minneapolis residents Alex and Kate moved their entire house by bicycle in January and February through the streets of snowy Minneapolis.

3) Twin Cities Cycling Company: Dero Bike Racks

We brought you behind the scenes at the company making almost all of the bike racks around the City of Minneapolis and for many parts of the country.

2) Minnesota Bicycle Helmet Law Introduced.

Nothing seems to get people rilled up quite like legislative action.  Reaction to this post was overwhelmingly set against helmet requirements for people on bikes, the only question is, will legislators in Saint Paul listen?

1) The Slick 50.

The first big group fun ride of the year also turned out to be our most popular post.  We were happy to see everyone turn out for one last hurrah heading out of CRC.


Well that’s it!  We look forward to see what everyone likes next month.

If you are new to CTC, you have some catching up to do.  Check out our top five posts from the month of February.


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