Sign of Spring: Nice Ride Returning

Riding around this cities you might notice the familiar Nice Ride kiosks beginning to pop up in strategic locations.  With the predictions for big snow finally gone, Nice Ride has decided to roll out their bike sharing program this week.

According to the folks at Nice Ride we might even see some of the bikes being stocked and ready for rent very soon.  We thought that this would be a good opportunity to take a look at a few things about Nice Ride.

– Did you wonder why didn’t Nice Ride stay open through winter?

From Mitch (

“Our equipment warranties prohibit us from having bikes on the street when road salt is present. This isn’t an issue in DC. Also, our location permits stipulate that bike stations must be removed to make way for snow plowing on streets and sidewalks.”

– How popular was Nice Ride last year?

2010 End of Season Numbers

Total trips: 100,817

1 year subscriptions sold: 1,295

30-day subscriptions sold: 89

Casual (24 hr) subscriptions sold: 29,077

Bikes lost or stolen: 2

Incidents of vandalism > $100: 3

No reports of serious injury.

1 report of an accident involving a car, the front wheel was damaged, but the rider was not injured.

– What were subscriptions like?

Recently we completed a survey of our 1 yr and 30 day subscribers. The survey went out to approximately 1300 people of which about 680 responded. Some of the highlights from survey responses are:

  • 77 % of respondents reported they already own bikes
  • 66% said the amount of biking they did increased after subscribing to Nice Ride

89% reported their primary use of Nice Ride is for transportation, not recreational riding.

– This last stat makes it pretty clear that people are using Nice Ride for transportation, and it is great that they are beginning to see it as an alternative for short trips around this city.

We will let you know as soon as we see the bikes out and open for business.


By the way, Nice Ride has a special on subscriptions right now, only $40 for the whole summer, jump on that while you can!

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