Event Review: ARTCRANK

Six months from now, we will look back on the spring and summer of biking in the Twin Cities, it’s gonna be hard to top Saturday.  We don’t know how the organizers of ARTCRANK got it accomplished, but Saturday was the perfect spring day for a bike ride and it turned into a perfect evening of socializing, looking at bike art, and beer drinking.

This year, Charles Youel (curator of ARTCRANK) and his band of volunteers managed to put two new (and well done) additions to the Bike Poster event.  The first two hours, were intended to be more kid friendly, a move which seemed to work.  We saw plenty of people and young kids enjoying the event.  The other new and surprisingly popular addition to the event was a tattoo parlor.  Now this certainly wasn’t for everyone, but every time that we walked past the blocked-off area, ink was being applied.

Other than the opening of the garage doors at 5:00 pm the other most anticipated event of the evening was the serving of beer.  The line began forming at about 6:30 and didn’t decrease in size at all during the evening.  The actual serving didn’t begin until 7:00 and it was preceded by a 15 second countdown, shouted with all of the enthusiasm of a Time Square crowd on New Year’s Eve.

Later today, we will post some of our personal favorites from the show, but the talent on display Saturday night was impressive, and it was very difficult to choose future pieces for display here at CTC headquarters.

To sum up our experience at ARTCRANK 2011, great!  We love the diversity of ridership that shows up at ARTCRANK, and everything seemed to combine this year in just the right way to make it a perfect event.

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One Response to Event Review: ARTCRANK

  1. Luke Francl says:

    I was sad to miss it, but training/suffering for the Ragnarok had to come first, unfortunately!

    Saturday was great, I saw groups of folks all over the metro area out riding their bikes. Has Spring finally arrived for real?

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