ARTCRANK Favorites

For those of you who haven’t yet made it to ARTCRANK, we thought that we would post some of our favorites from the exhibits.  Don’t agree with what we have posted?  Let us know in the comments!

Presented in no particular order:

— No Traffic by Bjorn Christianson

This poster got prime seating right next to a high traffic poster by Adam Turman, simple and well done.

— Ride by Steven Jockisch

It’s difficult to tell from the picture, but the number of individual lines it took to create this script made it stand out.  Look at the big version of the picture for a better view.

— Pavement by Anne Ulku

Another poster that might have been receiving a little bit of an “Adam Turman bump”.  Follow the link above to Anne’s website, where she has some better photos of her poster.

— MPLS Perfecta by Joe Hasbro–

The colors used in the poster really helped it to stand out from the other posters on display.

–Twinfinite Cities by Todd Zerger

This one spoke to us for obvious reasons.

Not pictured – We really enjoyed the Twin Cities Cycling: Stone Arch Bridge by Tim Kramer— Unfortunately we didn’t snap a picture of that one before the beer line permanently block access to the poster.  The good news is that Tim has plenty of posters in this series on display on his website.

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