Mountain Biker’s Lament: By J.R. Hunter

This is, without a doubt is the hardest time of year for the mountain biker. It’s like Christmas Eve for and eight year old…. the wanting, the waiting…but unlike Christmas Eve there is no Christmas morning release the next day. Our wait and want can last for weeks.

For the most part trails around the metro are hard packed dirt, which is awesome when dry, but a down right disaster if rode on wet. Even a shoe print on a soft trail could ruin it for the summer.

So all this wanting and waiting made me turn to the streets, so not to bore you this week with my tears of dreaming of the summer that will be, I made a video for you.

Shot over the last two weeks on my Fatback with my girlfriend along.

Enjoy – JR

P.S. Don’t poach the trails…they might have cameras!

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One Response to Mountain Biker’s Lament: By J.R. Hunter

  1. Paul says:

    Or, a better reason to not poach the trails is because you will be doing damage that someone else, or maybe several people, will need to spend their biking time fixing the trail you damaged, and you could be breaking the law at several trails and could receive a hefty fine and ticket.

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