Event Recap: Tiny Bike Shop Concert

Everything seemed to go just right for the inaugural Tiny Bike Shop Concert. The predicted rain held off, the crowd size was perfect and  in rather unusual fashion, there were no technical glitches.

We arrived shortly after six and already the crowd had started to gather inside the doors of Calhoun Cycle.  The description of the event was just right, Tiny Bike Shop.  Even though Calhoun Cycle has doubled in size from a few years ago, with the people, the merchandise, and the food set-up, it was certainly an intimate feel.

When it comes to bike shop concert venues, it is hard to think of a shop in the Twin Cities area that is better set up for it than Calhoun Cycle.  It already has a built-in stage and area for chairs for viewing, and the sound carried through the shop, so it sounded just as good in the second room as it did in the main.

We had a great time at the show, and we are excited for what this series might bring next. We’ve gotta commend Mike and the whole crew at Banjo Brothers for coming up this idea and pulling it off in classy fashion.  Also we really enjoyed the music of Brianna Lane and hope to sit down and interview her soon.  There is so much potential for this series, we just hope that there are plenty more where that came from.

For those of you who attended the show, or watched on Indieload, what did you think?

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