Product Review: Black Rose Randonneur Bag

One thing that we look for in anything that we decide to purchase is versatility.  Being able to use one item for multiple applications really increases the chances that we are going to purchase it.

The Black Rose Collective’s Randonneur bag is one of those versatile items. Like their other products, the Randonneur bag is constructed from recycled materials, mainly canvas and leather, and has both solid stitching and well thought out design.

But let’s say that you aren’t a Randonneur rider, what exactly would you use the bag for? Plenty of things.

The bag and strap onto your handlebars with ease, due to the leather straps, from there you can easily access your food, cell phone wallet, really anything that would fit into your pockets, but you don’t want flopping around while your ride.  The bag is waxed canvas which makes this largely waterproof, although in a major downpour, it might get a little bit wet.

You can also strap the bag onto your seat and use it to carry pretty much anything that you would need for roadside repairs.  The way that the bag looks makes it the perfect companion to your Brooks saddle.

The last way to wear it would be as a hip pouch.  Now, we lived through the first wave of hip pack popularity in the 1980’s, back then they were “fanny packs” and for some inexplicable reason that trend has somewhat returned.  While we would find it difficult to wear this around town, if you are going to be hopping on and off your bike throughout the day and don’t want to carry a full bag, this might be the way to go.

Pros: As always the folks at Black Rose have constructed a rugged, versatile and attractive looking bag.  We have found plenty of ways to use this!

Cons: The only problem we ran into was having this as our handlebar bag.  Due to its close proximity to the handbars, and our narrow grips we have to ride in either the drops or on the hoods to not grab the bag.  Ultimately this wasn’t a deal breaker for us, because we usually ride in those two spots anyway.

The Randonneur bag is available from Black Rose on their ETSY page.


Cycle Twin Cities did not receive any paid considerations for this review, the unit was loaned to us for testing purposes only.

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