CTC Profile: MCTC Bicycle Collective

With as much as we think we know about the Twin Cities cycling scene, we are always happy to learn about a new group or organization that we didn’t know existed.  The Minneapolis Community and Technical College Bicycle Collective is a student-run organization that promotes our favorite topic on their campus.  We sat down and learned a little bit more about them.

CTC: What is it exactly that the MCTC Bicycle Collective does?

MCTC-BC: The MCTC Bicycle collective is a group of volunteer students who act as a voice for riders on campus and operate bi-weekly open shop sessions.  The club worked with student government to purchase a couple Park stands and a tool kit, twice a week in season and once in the winter we set up shop on campus and teach students how to fix their bikes free of charge.  As for advocacy part of our club by attending the MN Bike Summit as well as other traffic planning meetings within the Loring Park neighborhood.  One of our members is a League of American Bicyclists LCI and has put together a couple safe riding seminars with more to come.  Oh yeah, group rides.  We sometimes get down on group rides and other events around the city (ARTCRANK).

CTC: How long have you been around?

MCTC-BC: Winter of 2009, with our open shop sessions starting in the fall of 2010.

CTC: How many people are a part of the MCTC Bicycle Collective?

MCTC-BC: About 12 active members, many of which are graduating or transferring soon.  If you are an MCTC student or know one who is a passionate bike person we want to pass the torch!

CTC: Do you have a location on campus or more of an affiliation of students?

MCTC-BC: You can find us outside in the MCTC Plaza Tuesdays and Mondays from 2:30-5:00.  We are working toward a classroom space in the future.

CTC: What are some of the contributions that you have made to the MCTC Cycling community?

MCTC-BC: Through our open shop sessions we have helped around 200 riders learn the ropes of fixing their own bicycle.  We have worked with the administration to purchase and will soon install a Dero Fixit station on our plaza (near the dog park) which will be available for the countless riders who route through Loring Park.  We are in discussions with administration about implementing a Dero Zap system complete with riding incentives for students and faculty.

CTC: What contributions have you folks made to the Twin Cities cycling community at large?

MCTC-BC: The winter class was a good first run at safe cycling courses at the college, we’re working with BikeMN.org to develop and host more cyclist education here.  The Dero Fixit stand purchase and placement was made with an eye for the larger cycling

community to have a 24hr flat fix station on a major artery into the city.

CTC: Do you have any upcoming events that people should know about?

MCTC-BC: We’ve been using a ton of the club’s resources to persuade the administration to get on board with a Dero Zap and will not be holding a spring safety event this year.  To take it’s place we are incorporating a “Mechanic Mini Session” into our open shop times.  This means we will pause for 20 minutes or so to teach flat fixing on the Dero stand or brake adjustments or drive-train maintenance.  It will be different every week and we’ll be posting the weekly topic on our facebook page.


Keep up the good work!

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