Despite Flooding, The Legacy Bike Ride Is On

Mississippi River Flooding Picture from Minnesota Public Radio

Despite the fact that predictions seem to be changing everyday, there is not doubt, some flooding is happening right now in Saint Paul and more is coming.  As the weather continues to warm up (come on spring you can do it!) more of the cycling paths that run along the river are becoming submerged by the Mississippi River.  But we’re Minnesotans, when has a little bit of bad weather stopped us from doing anything?

With this in mind the organizers of the Legacy Weekend Ride, scheduled to take place in Saint Paul on Saturday has informed us that the ride will go one and should miss all of the flooded areas.  We got the following email from Rick Fuentes the organizer of the Legacy Weekend Ride:

“We should be pretty safe from the flooding as the ride will be on Sam Morgan trail next to Shepard Road on the high ground.  Where the trail begins to enter downtown St. Paul, we will turn riders left up Chestnut Street to Exchange and then over to Smith Ave up the High Bridge.

At the top of the High Bridge, we will give away prizes including a Freewheel gift card, Ordway tickets, and a DNR pass.

This is to commemorate Legacy Destination Weekend in St. Paul.”

The ride is part of a larger weekend celebration of The Legacy Amendment, which helped pay for great trails in St Paul and Minnesota.  The ride is a one-way 12 mile ride which starts at 10:00am where the Mississippi River Boulevard meets Emerald Street SE in Saint Paul.  Coffee and hot chocolate will be served at Cherokee Park.

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