Bike Cops for Kids

We aren’t exactly sure how Mayor Rybak scored as his domain name, but bravo. Last week, our cycling enthusiastic Minneapolis Mayor posted an article about the Minneapolis program Bike Cops for Kids.

This program is aimed specifically at helping to prevent youth violence in the City of Minneapolis, by connecting kids with a trusted adult (in this case a cop).  The mayor had the opportunity to announce that this year, the program is going to grow both in the number of helmets and bikes that they will be distributing.  Some facts from the Mayor’s post:

  • In 2009, two officers gave away 360 free helmets and 31 free bikes to youth on the North Side.
  • In 2010, three officers gave away 720 free helmets and 62 free bikes to youth on the North Side and in the Phillips neighborhood on the South Side.
  • In 2011, eight officers will give away 1,440 free helmets and 70 free bikes to youth on the North Side, in Northeast Minneapolis, and in the Phillips, Lyndale, Central and CARAG neighborhoods on the South Side.

The growth of the program is thanks in large part to money donated by Children’s Hospital. We love the fact that this program is helping to get young kids on bikes, but apparently it is part of a larger program, that might actually be working.  According to the Mayor since 2006;

  • the number of youth suspects in violent crime has declined 62%,
  • and the number of youth arrested for violent crime has declined 52%

Nice work!

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One Response to Bike Cops for Kids

  1. nikki says:

    Its cool that Northside kids are getting bikes but to have to hang out with a cop to get one is really lame.

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