Weekend Cycling Events: 3.25.11

Weekend Cycling Events

Despite the fact that winter has returned for at least one more weekend, you still have plenty of options to get you ready for the biking season ahead!


Bicycle Safety is a Two-Way Street – REI in Bloomington, is doing their best to pull in the biker crowd.  They have a shop for tune-ups and a pretty big selection of accessories for you to pick from.  On Friday night from 7:00-8:30 members of the Twin Cities Bicycling Club (TCBC) will be hosting a bicycling safety class, and providing free snacks.  remember, every snack you eat is one that you will have to burn off later.


OPUS Criterium Clinic – Why not start out a chilly Saturday morning learning how to ride in a tight pack of riders?  The promoters of the OPUS Criterium are hosting a clinic starting at 10:00 am.  You will have a chance to ride the course, and learn some etiquette for riding in a group.  It is a good thing to do if you have never raced before and you don’t want to get yelled at when you start riding.

Twin Cities Bicycle Club Swap Meet (Updated) This event will be smaller and probably a little higher end than the Blaine Swap earlier this year, but hey it’s still bike parts to ogle!  It runs from 2:00-5:00 at the Hopkins VFW post.  The time for this event was changed to 2:00-5:00 pm.  Thanks CTC commenters for pointing it out!

Worst Friends Ever Part II – A bike race that is as much about the after-party as it is about the race itself.  Sign-up starts at 5:00 racing starts at 6:00, your hangover starts Sunday morning.  At the new location for Grease Pit Bikes on the corner of 28th and Bloomington.


3 Speed Day at Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles – If you love three-speed bikes, or know nothing about them and want to get into three-speed bikes this is the event for you.  On Sunday Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles will host their first ever three-speed day at the shop.  From the website:

“Come by between noon and 4 PM to look over a large collection of rather average English 3-speed bicycles and parts.  For those who plan to do the Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour or the ABCE weekend in September, this is a can’t-miss event!  Buy parts for your steed, or just swap stories.  Tea and biscuits will be served.  All Gentlemen Cyclists and those who like hanging out with them are welcome.”

Tea and biscuits? We will be there.

Tune-up Time – From the best we can tell, almost all bike shops are a week or less out on spring tune-ups.  This will still be the case until the first day above 50 degrees without snow on the ground.  You are really going to want to ride your bike that day, but if it has a broken brake or an inner tube with a hole, you are going to be sitting that ride out.  The worst part is, when you bring your bike into the shop then, they will be two – three weeks out.  Bring it in today, or you know, learn how to fix it yourself.


If you are headed to any of these events and want to give CTC a re-cap, that would be great, just contact us.

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4 Responses to Weekend Cycling Events: 3.25.11

  1. Kyle says:

    FYI: TCBC Swap time has been changed. It’s from 2:00 – 5:00.

  2. Jeff Zaayer says:

    New time for the bike swap 2-5PM found here: http://www.biketcbc.org/swapmeet/

  3. lowrah says:


    Get your 3-speed and MMRB in preparation for the Twin Cities 3-Speed Adventure Society (TC3SAS) ride in mid-April! Sounds fun.

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