CTC Tech Round-Up.

We have an unnatural obsession with all things cycling and all things technology. This results in our incessant checking of numerous technology blogs and cycling blogs.  It is a rare treat when the two overlap, and we don’t mean with the rise of the so-called “electric bike” – yuck.  Here are some noteworthy stories about gadgets and cycling in the Twin Cities crossing over, enjoy.

CTC’s new iPad look. – Thanks to some updates from WordPress, Cycle Twin Cities now looks unbelievable when viewed on an iPad.  If you own one, you aren’t going to be satisfied looking at CTC on a computer screen ever again.

There is much more of a magazine feel to it, allowing you to swipe and tap your way to viewing the articles. Be sure to bookmark us on your home page!

HED Wheel Selector App. – Based in Shoreview, MN HED wheels have long been considered as an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing some of the best wheels that money can buy.  Not our money because frankly they are ridiculously expensive.  If you have the kind of money to buy these wheels, then you are in luck because HED just released an iDevice application which will help you decide what type of wheel to put on your bike, depending on the conditions.  It’s free so why not check out the app on iTunes.

Dero’s Fixit Stations Uncredited – One way to judge how popular something is on the internet is to figure out how high up on the blogger food chain the story moves.  Small blogs (like CTC) write a story until larger and more popular blogs pick up on the story.  This story started out as a small fish (on Boston Biker) but has continued to get bigger and bigger and now has been covered by Wired.com and Gizmodo, about as big as you get in the blogging world.  The story is about new fix-it stations being installed in Cambridge, Mass, allowing bikers to fix their bikes for free at public stations.  What a great and original idea right? Actually, what each of these articles fails to mention is that this isn’t some ingenious home-brew idea from the Boston area, instead it is the Fixit public repair stand our very own Dero Bike Racks Company.  If you squint really hard in the pictures in the linked article you can see the company logo on the lower left where the rack connects to the ground.  We snapped this picture of a part of the Fixit stands getting built when we were there.

We’re happy that this idea is getting out there, because we would love to see one of these at every transit stop, but we wish that the articles would have mentioned the company that makes them!

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