An Open Letter to Winter

Dear Mr. Winter –

This letter is intended with all due humility, after all, you have the ability to partially implode a football stadium or completely shut down a city at the snap of your fingers. Having said that, buzz-off, you are starting to get really annoying.

We don’t mind if you return again later this year, in say late November or December, but a high of 30 degrees in late March, come on, what did we ever do to you?  We try to play outside as much as we can when you are around, we even invented a bike specifically made for you, but enough is enough.

With the snow and cold this week you have crossed over from the hip older man with an attractive, slightly younger, yet age appropriate woman on your arm, to the pathetic cringe inducing really old man with the disturbingly young woman on your arm. It is as if you are saying, look I can still get down with the young folks, I’m still relevant. The snow fall in early March was Brett Favre 2009, everyone tolerated you because we thought it was the last time we were going to see you, now you are like Brett Favre 2010, past your prime and time to step aside.

We are ready to ride bikes with skinny tires, without 4 layers of clothing, goggles and to feel a warm breeze as we ride.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Cycle Twin Cities and the Twin Cities Cycling Community.


This article was meant for those with a sense of humor on a Friday.  No offense intended to old men (with much younger women), Brett Favre or fans of winter.


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One Response to An Open Letter to Winter

  1. Amy says:

    OK that was GREAT…. the photo insets… made me smile on a COLD day…and the comment has no relation to relations!

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