Product Review: Black Rose Tool Wrap

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the folks of Black Rose Bags.  They were nice enough to send us some of their products to test out, and after a month of pretty heavy use, we are ready to give up our opinions.  First a disclaimer; we didn’t receive any payment for testing this stuff out, in addition, we didn’t get the keep free gear afterwards, so set your mind at ease, CTC hasn’t sold out.

In total, we received three items to test and over the next week or two we will review each of them.  First up, the Tool Wrap:

Black Rose Tool Wrap:

We consider ourselves to be a bit of a rolling bike shop, we always have almost every tool necessary to fix the bike we are riding, anyone else’s bike, and a few spare tubes.  This means a few things: first, it makes for a pretty heavy bag, second, it makes switching between a few bags a bigger pain in the rear than our first century ride.  The Tool Wrap from Black Rose alleviates some of those problems.

The first thing that we noticed when opening the Black Rose Tool Wrap is the quality of construction, these folks know their way around a sewing machine.  All of the products that Black Rose creates are made from recycled and reclaimed materials, we assumed that this would mean it would have a little bit of a worn-out look to it, but it didn’t.  Both the canvas of the wrap and the leather of the strap, are fresh and ready to get that well-worn look, based on your use of the product only.  The wax finish on the canvas (made to help waterproof the fabric) isn’t slippery but does make the wrap a little bit stiff when you first open it up.  After opening and closing it, and re-shaping a bit we found that it got easier to manipulate.

Pros: Portability – This was easy to move from one bag to the next and also could be stuffed into a jersey pocket when we went out for a cold group ride this spring.  Finish – This is very well crafted, and it is clear that it will last you a lifetime, regardless of how much you beat it up!

Cons: Size – If we were ordering one of these for ourselves we would try for an XL size, since we try to carry every tool under the sun.  Also the wrap takes some breaking in.  In the long run we are guessing that like a Brooks Saddle, once it is worn in, it is yours for life.

Overall: Bottom line, we loved using the tool wrap and didn’t want to see it go at the end of our testing period.

You can find the Black Rose Tool Wrap on their ETSY page.

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