Final Tally on Freewheel Bike’s Hiring Spree: 35

Late this winter, we let you know that something was going on with Freewheel Bike. Overnight, their “now hiring page” went from zero listings, to a long list of available jobs, in every conceivable department.  It wasn’t until a short time later that we learned the hiring was because of a new store opening up in Eden Prairie this spring.

Now, according to a report published by Jeremy Stratton of The Line Media, Freewheel Bike hired a total of 35 full and part-time employees to staff the new location.  If this report is accurate, this is a huge number and almost doubles the number of employees (now 85, also from the report) that work for one of Freewheel’s three locations.

Erik’s Bike and Board and Penn Cycle have long been the mega bike shops of the Twin Cities area, with multiple locations, mostly located in areas peripheral to the heart of the city.  Between the new store and the number of new employees it looks as if Freewheel Bike, a longtime mainstay in the heart of Minneapolis, is making a move for some of that territory.

It will be interesting to see where this goes, if the Eden Prairie store is successful, might we see a Freewheel Bike in the north or west metro?


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One Response to Final Tally on Freewheel Bike’s Hiring Spree: 35

  1. John says:

    I don’t think the largest shop in the metro has 35 employees even in the heart of the season. Part of that 35 has to be seasonal employees hired for all 3 locations

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