Open Your Home to Pro Cyclists

The Nature Valley Grand Prix is looking for a couple of people from the Twin Cities area to lend out a spare bedroom for a professional bike racer.  The racers need to be able to stay there from June 15-19 and you need to be able to host two or more  racers.  The other requirements?

You have to have a place to sleep, bathroom with a shower, laundry facilities and space in the refrigerator for their meals and snacks.

They want you to live in the Twin Cities metro area so that the racers don’t have to go very far to get to the events.  So why exactly do they need space?  Well, over 300 riders will be participating this year in the event and that would meal a lot of rooms.  By opening up your home, you help the race (and cyclists) keep costs down which keeps the event going strong (this will be year number 13).

Come on, at least this will give you someone to cheer for, and also you might be able to see their fancy bikes up close.

For more information on serving as a host family visit the Nature Valley website and follow the host housing link or contact housing coordinator Mike O’Day at 612-309-7192 or e-mail

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