Angry Catfish Bicycles + Coffee Bar + Minnesota Fashion Week

It takes a lot of hard work and creativity to stay relevant and profitable in the bike shop business.  This is especially true in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, an area saturated with bike shops (and more opening every year).  With that in mind we have to applaud the newest effort by the Angry Catfish, joining in Minnesota Fashion Week.

On Sunday April 17th the Angry Catfish Bicycles + Coffee Bar will play host to the Bike Style Social from 4:00-7:00 pm.  The description from the Fashion Week website:

Angry Catfish Bicycles + Coffee Bar welcomes you to stop in for coffee, film, bikes and a peek at new spring cycling apparel and accessories from RaphaOutlierChrome and Mission Workshop. Intelligentsia coffee will be complimentary, prepared one-cup-at-a-time by Angry Catfish’s own talented baristas. A Rapha Film Screening will commence at 5pm, followed by a stylish bike cruise to area pubs and eateries.”

All of the brands mentioned are way outside our price range, but that is what fashion is all about right?  The A.C. certainly seems to know what niche’ they want to fill and are going after it with gusto.

What do you think, will they have a bike runway?

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