It’s Time to Share

Aahh spring.  Right now it looks like it might go into hiding for the next few days, but we are definitely trending in the right direction.

But springtime brings exponentially more cyclists to the roads, and paths, and that is going to take some getting used to.

Those of us who have been riding through the winter feel a certain sense of ownership over the trails and greenway, after all, we’re used to empty trails and earned it by riding through the winter right?

It hasn’t happened quite yet, but at some point in the next few weeks we will turn onto the Greenway and have to slowdown and wait to safely pass another rider.  We will have to be prepared to yell “on the left” countless times.

Yesterday while riding home from work, we spotted the first frustration inducing sight of the year; a cyclist, stopped in the middle of both lanes of the Greenway, working on his bike, sigh… Deep breaths.

To everyone coming onto the paths, welcome!  remember, if you have bike trouble, or just want a breather, move over as far as possible.  You might just be using the path for recreation, but many of us use it as transportation, so while it is fun to weave your bike back and forth, make sure nobody is behind you before you start.

Those of you who have been riding (ourselves included), don’t get frustrated, and remember they are cyclists just like you!

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One Response to It’s Time to Share

  1. I completely identify with this; though it’s wonderful to have more people out biking when the weather warms (hopefully they’re doing so in lieu of driving), there’s a certain satisfaction and sense of ownership that come from being one of the few, the proud, the year-round bicycle commuters.

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