Dero Employee in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Anyone who works in the bicycle industry has probably heard of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. Last month Dero Bike Racks employee Andy Lageson was profiled as their monthly commuter (along with his two dogs).  As we mentioned in our profile of Dero, they have a dog friendly office building set up, so Andy had to find a way to haul his dogs to work.  This looks like a pretty good solution.  This profile appeared in the most recent print publication, and was forwarded to us by a member of the Dero staff.  Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an online version that we can link to so here it is:

Name: Andy Lageson, Baxter and Danno

Age: 32  (just about 4 in dog  years)

Years in the Industry: Closing in on 5

Years Riding: 4 years seriously, grew up riding for fun.

Company: Dero Bike Racks, Minneapolis, MN

Title: Sales Manager

Years with the  company: 5

How long have you been a bike commuter?

4 years, caught the bug when I started working at Dero.

How often do you commute to work?

I ride year round, having a single car in the family. On average, 4-5 days in the summer and 2-4 days in the winter. I did about 1800 miles last year.

How long is your commute to work?

10 miles round trip

What’s a general description of your route?

A little bit of street riding in my neighborhood to get the Minneapolis \Diagonal Bike Trail and the U of M Transit way (which is a bus and bike only route between the Minneapolis and St. Paul campus). Minneapolis has an awesome bike infrastructure, we’re very lucky!

What is your commute bike?

SE fixed gear, and I also use a Surly Crosscheck, depends on the weather.

How do you carry your gear?

All my gear is stashed in a  messenger bag and Baxter and Danno ride in a tote strapped to a Burley Flatbed.

How do you deal with sweat/shower?

I just cool off at work. I’m fortunate enough that I don’t have to wear a suit.  Dero has a very casual work atmosphere. They are fine with biking to meetings, but also provide a shared company car for meetings and site visits when necessary.

What’s your favorite commute accessory?

Removable fenders, I like staying dry and they are super easy to remove when it is nice out.

What’s your favorite commute apparel?

My Chrome knickers and Bern Helmet.  I love the built-in headphones in the winter earflaps, great once I hit  the bike trials.

What’s your favorite thing about commuting?

I’m not a morning person so it provides a jump-start for my day.  I also have a lot of work appointments downtown and I never have to pay for parking. I really like the fact that I am combining transportation and exercise in the same activity… health club dues for me!

What’s your least favorite thing?

Can’t think of anything really, if I dress for the weather, I’m good.  I feel there are only positives benefits from commuting. There are some days that my dogs, Baxter and Danno, feel like quite the load, but it’s great to be able to have them at work with me. I do get a lot of looks and “thumbs up” when cars or other bikers see me pulling two large dogs behind my bike.

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