CRC’s Final Days

Before the Slick 50 on Saturday, we tried to take it all in and say our goodbyes to Cars R Coffins Cykel Garage.  The cycling haven on Lyndale is not in their final week and there are some things you should know about. First; Minneapolis Musette announced “Last Call” a visit to CRC and ride following.  From MM’s website:

“10 AM meet @ CRC, 10:45 head out to Excelsior. Expect 2 or so hours of merriment/ride time.”

Next, Hurl announced (via Twitter) a final week sale, to try to get everything else out of the store:  “All remaining P&A 30% off Monday. Tuesday 35%, Wednesday 40%, Thursday 45%, Friday 50%! Tubes, tires, frame pumps, whiskey!”

That sounds tempting.  If you have any spare time, head over to CRC and take your time to say goodbye and thank Hurl for his contributions to the Twin Cities Cycling community.

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