Weekend Recap: Slick 50

The 2011 edition of the Slick 50 is in the books, and it was a blast!  Officially, this was the last Slick 50 to leave from Cars-R-Coffins (at least in its current incarnation) and approximately 65 riders showed up to see it off.

The ride, led by Hurl Everstone, kept a good pace however, thanks to the somewhat warm weather, there wasn’t too much slickness in the Slick 50.  The ride did include the full group crashing an organized distance run, (which we think was the Hip Chicks Get Lucky! 7k or 21k, an ascent and decent on the Smith ave. Bridge, A few hard climbs (for those of us with only one gear) and one gravely alley romp in Saint Paul.

Thanks Hurl, we look forward to a 2012 Slick 50.

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One Response to Weekend Recap: Slick 50

  1. Baba O'Reilly says:

    Fun ride. Sorry I haven’t done it before.

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