Weekend Event Recap: Lifestyle Bike Experience

Ugh, the Mall of America on a Sunday.  We figured that since it was raining, and really there was nothing else to do, we would head down to the Mall of America for the Lifestyle Bike Experience at the Best Buy Rotunda.  If nothing else we figured that we would be able to see some interesting bikes.  Upon arriving we quickly remembered why we never ever go to the mall, even the lure of bicycles wasn’t quite enough to make up for the ridiculous crush of people that we had to wade through to get to the rotunda.

Once we got to our destination, we were pretty disappointed.  In total there were about 15 vendors, including the mega-bike shop Erik’s and Penn Cycle, Bianchi reps, the Nature Valley Grand Prix (thanks for the granola), the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Minnesota, and the National Sports Center in Blaine.  The majority of the bikes and events were catering to the suburban mall going crowd, including a lowrider or “comfort bike” as they called it, uber-expensive triathlon bikes and an electric bike, that should probably be classified as a non-bike.

In all, this event was certainly reflecting a biking “lifestyle” just not one that we are part of.  At least, the event was geared toward getting people on bikes, even though pretty much everyone had to drive to get there.

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One Response to Weekend Event Recap: Lifestyle Bike Experience

  1. We went too, mostly for the stunt show which the kids enjoyed. I found out that Bianchi is the first and best at EVERYTHING, which I did not know before. The only thing that really peaked my interest was seeing a bike with a detachable front section for hauling your kids (or groceries) around, just because I’m really big on cargo bikes. We came away with some free water bottles and stickers for the kids and I got a granola bar. Mostly it was pretty disappointing and certainly not worth a trip to the death star. But hey, if it gets some mall-goer riding a bicycle, that’s cool.

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