Twin Cities Cycling Company: Tired ‘Ol Belts

An old bike tire (and various other parts) have been holding up our pants for about a year not.  A short time ago we learned that the company who made the belt is located right here in the Twin Cities; Tired Ol’ Belts.  We were lucky enough to score an interview with them to ask them all things bike-belt recycling related.


CTC: How long has the company been up and running?

Tired Ol’ Belts (TOB): We started Tired Ol’ Belts in the summer-ish of 2008, but belts really got rolling in 2009.

CTC: Where are you located in the Twin Cities?

TOB: We are located in the Highland Park area of Saint Paul, including the workshop and shipping.  

CTC: We see that almost all of your materials are recycled, where do you get the old belts and pieces?

TOB: Each belt is actually a combination of totally recycled bike parts. We rescue popped or defective tires from the recycling bins of local bike shops. Along with the tires, we salvage/purchase any metal or other misc. parts from bike shops and other partners. We’ve also done a few Internet blasts to create partnerships with new shops and/or other avid bikers who want to recycle or donate their “retired” bike parts.

CTC: How did you get the idea to start making your products?

TOB: Matt was actually biking around and his pants kept falling down so he made a makeshift belt out of bike parts. It was quite the sight, but it got his mental wheels turning. He’d seen some “recycled” bike belts online, but nothing that offered 100% recycled bike parts. After more thought, and many hours in the garage, he continued to refine the belt making process, as well as the product.

CTC: That is pretty much the best product creation that we have ever heard of!  Where can our readers go to check out some of your products?

TOB: You can purchase belts online at There is a bunch of info on that site, including a list of our current vendors.  You can “like” us on Facebook, tweet with us on Twitter and/or call us on the good ol’ telephone at (612) 865-1942.

CTC: We saw that you got a plug from QBP during Frostbike this year, are you connected to them in any way?

TOB: QBP has been a great partner to us.  We contacted them close to two years ago on a recommendation of someone we met during Frostbike.  They have been letting us pick through their tires ever since.

CTC: What has been your most successful product so far?

TOB: Our most popular item is definitely the original Tired Ol’ Belt.  We’ve rolled out some key chains and even a guitar strap, but the belt remains the people’s choice!

CTC: How many people are involved in the company total?

TOB: Currently, our company consists of me (Matt) and my wife, Jill. We do, however, have the support of great friends and family who help us out with Tired Ol’ Belts.  Some have helped with the site, others with the logo and since the products are all handmade we often times need more hands.

CTC: What keeps your rooted in the Twin Cities cycling community?

TOB: I’m an avid biker and I love the Twin Cities.  Being a teacher, I enjoy parking the car during the summer and putting the medal to the metal (of my bike that is).  I love commuting to my favorite coffee shop, collecting bike parts on my fixed gear, and I compete in Triathlons when I get the time.

CTC: Any events coming up that you are involved in, that you want to let us know about?

TOB: We will be a vendor at the Living Green Expo at the State Fairgrounds, May 7th and 8th of this year.  We’re looking at other live events this year and post those on our website, Facebook and Twitter as well


Thank Matt and Jill for helping to make our cycling community great!

If you know of a company or a person that we should be covering here on CTC, let us know.

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