2011 Fixed Gear Classic


Picture from FixedRiders.com

In comparison to Europe and Japan, here in the United States, we have relatively few Velodromes.  However, in the past few years, thanks in no small part to the popularity of fixed gear bikes, track racing has seen a bit of a resurgence.  Luckily for those of us in the Twin Cities who enjoy watching these races, we are only a few miles away from the Velodrome in Blaine, which, in 2011 will see the return of the Fixed Gear Classic.


The Fixed Gear Classic is a part of the larger Nature Valley Grand Prix Bicycle Festival, and will take place over three days in June (10-12).  It features both amateur and professional track racing, and will once again be a part of the American Track Racing Association (ATRA) Series schedule.  The Fixed Gear Classic, will be the second of 15 races (championships included) hosted by Velodromes around the country this year.

This designation is sure to bring the best track racers from around the country to compete for points over the three-day race.  If you have ever thought about attending an event at the Velodrome, mark you calendars now, because this is some of the best racing that you can see stateside.

For more information about track riding in Minnesota, be sure to visit both the National Sport Center’s website, and fixedriders.com.

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