Minneapolis Moving by Bike

We’ve seen moving by bicycle before, but not like this.  Minneapolis residents Alex and Kate decided that this winter, they would move entirely by bike.  In Minneapolis during the winter, this is no small feat, so we asked Alex a few questions about his experience.

CTC: Where are you moving from and too?

Alex: We’re moving from Uptown to Longfellow near the river – mainly on the
Greenway, it’s about 4.2 miles each way.

CTC: Have you had any additional help (other bikers) during the move?

Alex: Just me and my wife Katie!

CTC: What gave you the idea for a move by bicycle?

Alex: We both bike pretty much all the time, and have a car we share but
rarely use. Most of our furniture won’t fit in the car, and so we’d
have to rent a truck to move or do it this way – and, well, moving by
bike is definitely more fun! We also had two weeks to move, so we
figured we could do it piece by piece. But really, what inspired us the most was that moving is generally a miserable experience, and doing it this way would give us something positive to look forward to and to remember. We’ll always have this!

CTC: What advantages does this provide over renting a truck.

Alex: It’s cheaper, but there’s no real other advantage other than having
really sexy quads.

CTC: What has been the most challenging part?

Alex: Doing this on the tail-end of winter has meant navigating through a lot of potholes and pools of water – we’ve had to go pretty slow to
avoid getting our stuff wet. A lot of the move was done at night so that the water would freeze – ice is much easier to haul a trailer on!

Other than that, gears are a god-send on even slight inclines when
you’re pulling a few hundred pounds of stuff with studded tires on snow!

CTC: What are you using to haul everything?

Alex: The majority of our stuff moved on a Bikes at Work 64″ Wide trailer
with a plywood floor I put in. We had some stuff go in a little
Croozer trailer that my wife could pull on her single-speed cruiser.
My bike is a Surly Long Haul Trucker.


On Sunday night Alex posted that the final trailer load (Number 11) was completed and their move was now finished.


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