Minneapolis Affair Bicycle Photoshoot

We don’t know what it is about the cycling community and the photography community, but for some reason we all seem to crossover and co-mingle regularly. Outside of projects like the work of Ellie KingsburyUnite Bike and our own ongoing TCBPOD contests, we see amazing bike pictures and projects everyday.

In a mega-collaboration, CTC will be working with Grease Rag Ride and Wrench, and Minneapolis Affair this Friday (March 18th) to help coax Twin Cities area riders out on their bikes to get their pictures taken.  This event is the brainchild of Lowrah from Grease Rag, and based on the work we have seen from Minneapolis Affair (Stuporbowl photos at left), this should produce some spectacular photos.

The quick details are posted below but please follow the link to Lowrah’s post about this on Grease Rag.

Friday, March 18th, from 4-6PM
Meet at the Bryant exit off of the Midtown Greenway and get your photo taken!

Along with Lowrah and Minneapolis Affair, CTC will join in posting some photos online after the event, but either way you will end up with an awesome picture of you on your bike.  As an added bonus, it is supposed to be getting close to 50 degrees on Friday and after a week long melt, it should be a perfect day for riding!

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