Shop Time: A Visit to Green Tire Bike Shop

The Twin Cities area is dense with bike shops.  This is great for us, the cycling consumer, but it can be difficult for bike shops to stay profitable, but for that the Green Tire Bike Shop has a plan.

Earlier this week we stopped by the brand new shop in Saint Paul, to pay a visit to Jacob Flinsch-Garrison and see how preparations were coming for the grand opening, happening later this month.  Green Tire is housed on 1213 Randolph Avenue in Saint Paul in an old women’s consignment shop (and they have the signs to prove it).

The shop intends to carry both new and used bicycles, and parts, and assist in being a resource for local cycling commuters.  In terms of new bikes, Green Tire carries both Torker and Redline bikes, including both kids and adults bikes.

Jacob the shop’s mechanic and manager, previously worked at bike shops in both Duluth and Vermont and is excited for the opportunity to serve the community.

“We will work on all bikes, and want to sell bikes that are affordable”. Jacob told us during our visit.  Certainly, looking at their prices for service, they are part of the way there.  In attempting to bring in another stream of revenue, Green Tire Bike Shop is also growing their online presence, offering a browsable catalogue and ordering at

They have already un-officially opened their doors, as they continue to try to grow their inventory for bikes and have begun to take in repairs, however, the grand opening will happen sometime later this month.  If you are looking to stop by now, just give them a call (651) 321-3297, to see if they are around, Jacob is quick to answer, also you can follow them on Twitter, where they sometimes post special deals.

Good luck fellas!

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11 Responses to Shop Time: A Visit to Green Tire Bike Shop

  1. Disgruntled online shopper says:

    These guys need to clean up their act – their online practices are giving the Twin Cities a black eye. See reviews by searching on Google Maps & also at

    Google maps:

  2. thegoodword says:

    The threads trash these guys. I will too. Two weeks later and my credit card has been charged with none of my 6 calls returned. I did have an e-mail replied to that said they would “look into my order.” The second e-mail reply said the same. I have sent them 7 e-mails total. These guys are horrible. The 10% you save is not worth it.

  3. Brian says:

    thegoodword – I am having the same issue with them. I placed an order two weeks ago and they have only replied to one of my e-mails because I told them I would call the bank to get my money back if they didn’t reply and send me a confirmation. I’ve received a reply but I still haven’t gotten any updates regarding my order. This is the last time I ever order from these people.

  4. Dan says:

    Three weeks, 9 phone calls, two emails……..and NOTHING!!!!! And they charged my credit card $340 for a product I never received!!
    BAD-BAD BUSINESS. I wish I would’ve found this web-site before ordering through them.

  5. eric says:

    same here.. i ordered a fork on the 16th and still havnt recieved it….no replys in any form…this is ridiculous i wonder if it will ever come????? this is retarded.

  6. Trimule says:

    Add me to the list of ripped off customers. This place is either an out and out scam or incompetent beyond belief. I am leaning toward rip off artist due to the total lack of reply communication.

  7. Jenn Place says:

    Yup, me too. Ordered a bike trainer on 10/19. Despite numerous phone calls and e-mails, no trainer, no response. Nothing!

    • Tom Hainisch says:


      Ordered on Oct. 11 and have not received my order to date (Nov. 7th). They do not respond to e-mails or phone calls. Stealing our money is what they are doing. Promising a product and never delivering is stealing. Shame on Green Tires. Can someone please go to this shop and ask them to explain themselves, and then refund out money.

  8. Matt says:

    This shop is awful. I’ve been waiting a month for something I ordered and they haven’t even sent it. They don’t answer their phones, they don’t return voicemails. If you happen to get an email reply, it says they’ll “check on it and let you know” but no action. If you’re experiencing this, you should file a complaint with the BBB online.

    Other reviewer said it well- “This place is either an out and out scam or incompetent beyond belief”

  9. Mellen says:

    File dispute with our credit card company, PayPal, whatever. File complaint with Better Business Bureau. READ this thread:
    All FOUR pages now!

  10. kaytoo says:

    I ordered a product, it never came, however they did refund my money over a month later… no contact was made… WHAT A HORRIBLE STORE.

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