In Case You Missed It (Local Roundup)

Circle Bike by Robert Wechsler

Spring time is really, really, close.  There are a few ways to tell: first, the temperature is rising, with the potential for 50 degrees next week, many ‘fair weather’ cycling commuters will begin to emerge.  Second the crew at 30 Days of Biking has produced their Minnesotans Spring Indicator. Last, and certainly not least, Minnesota’s Biking bloggers have sprung into action with a flurry of posts this week.  We thought that as a nod to our favorite (check everyday) blogs, we would post the best of the week from them, just incase you missed it (click on the title to follow to the post).

Grease Rag Wrench & Ride: Lowrah posted a re-cap of her weekend spent hosting some out of town biking guests.

Bike Jerks: Jeff posted a second textures of winter photo group.

MPLS Bike Love: Ben posted a great article about Hurl and the unfortunate closing of CRC.

Hiawatha Cyclery: Jim Thill posted a piece about his take on the future of personal transportation.

All-City: Minneapolis based cycling company All-City introduced their first ever geared bicycle, Mr. Pink.

domotion2011: This is a review and breakdown narrative of visits to two local bike shops, the Angry Catfish, and The Hub Co-op.

One on One: JR posted a review of some new lightweight tubes from Surly.

Ride Boldly!: Julie took a look at the new cycling count numbers coming from Bike Walk Twin Cities.

Snak Shak: The push for a bike corral (on street) at 48th and Chicago (yes please).

Enjoy some weekend reading!

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