Big Time

The two most prominent Bicycle+Coffee shops in the Twin Cities got some national attention this week.

First came the Angry Catfish in Men’s Journal.  In the April issue, Minneapolis was named as the best place to live in a big city designed for getting outside.  With that they chose Joshua Klauck as a “Model Citizen” of Minneapolis, pointing out that he used a neighborhood grant to spruce up his shop and sells organic coffee and handmade bikes. This article isn’t posted online right now, so if you want to read it, you are going to have to pick up a copy for yourself, or you know, stand at a magazine rack for 5 minutes to read it.

Second came an article on about “Bike cafés”.  In it Gene Oberpriller of One on One Bicycle Studio was quoted to start off the article:

“In cycling culture, there is a strong connection to coffee,” said Gene Oberpriller, partner, One On One Bicycle Studio in Minneapolis. “We’re the engine for the bike,” explained the former mountain bike racer, bike messenger and industry spokesman, whose café, opened in 2003 in the city’s warehouse district, he says is known for its quality bikes and service, hearty soup, low key vibe, and of course, great coffee.

“It’s very common to meet at a café before a ride to have coffee or espresso to get the adrenaline going,” Oberpriller said. Bike shops have long provided coffee, but “cycling specialty cafés are relatively new.”

Check out the full article on MSNBC’s website.


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