Minneapolis Couple Rides in India

Amy and Brian, Rocking All-City and TWINSIX in India

It is amazing how small the world really is.  Amy and Brian Bice are residents of Minneapolis, Minnesota and are cyclists just like us, but we didn’t hear about them through a small local outlet, or by bumping into them on the street, no, we learned about them through the Times of India.

Amy and Brian are currently in the middle of a 56 day bicycle trip around India, and have been to cities large and small all around India.  The interview posted in the Times of India was written about their experiences in Bhubaneswar, India, specifically about riding on the cycling specific paths.  Apparently, the dedicated bicycle tracks have been in the city for some time, but not many people are using them.  The author of the article hoped that an interview with two Americans would help to draw attention to their existence.

It was nice to read that they are talking up the Minneapolis cycling scene in India;

“The couple said they have been cycling about 70 km on their bicycles every day. The maximum stretch they covered on a single day was 96 km. “Bicycling is part of our culture as our city has been awarded as the bicycle city of the US. Our city adds a few kilometres of bicycle track every year by connecting it with other cities,” informed Brian.”

Read the full article here.

We managed to catch up with Amy and Brian via email and will be posting a profile soon!

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