Minneapolis Police Department 2011 Bicycle Auctions

Hurray! The Minneapolis Police department set the dates for the 2011 Bicycle Auctions.  All of the bikes that are confiscated by the Minneapolis Police during the year eventually make their way to the bike auctions.

We have attended a few and usually enough dealers are in attendance that you aren’t going to snag a steal but if you are looking for a winter beater bike, or something that you want to work on yourself, this is your best bet.  Each of the auctions will have something different on display, and you have to show up before 6:00 if you actually want to have a chance to look at the bikes before you bid on them.  After the auction starts they are all tucked back away.

Here is the information from the City of Minneapolis auction website.

Viewing begins at 4:00 pm. Auctions begin promptly at 6:00 pm.

All auctions are held at:

    Minneapolis Police Warehouse
    6024 Harriet Ave. S.
    (1 block east of Lyndale Ave., near Bachman’s)

Terms of the auction are:

  • Picture ID required to register
  • All items sold AS IS
  • Cash or check ONLY
  • Checks will be accepted with MN Driver’s License or MN State ID only
  • Address on Driver’s License or ID must be the same as address on the check


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One Response to Minneapolis Police Department 2011 Bicycle Auctions

  1. Will Zager says:

    Just went to add this to my calendar and realized you guys already have it on your TC Bike Event’s calendar. Love that thing.

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