Busy Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition has already had a pretty busy 2011.  In addition to launching a new blog/website, snagging grants, and leading the charge for an Open Streets

event this summer, MBC has also been hard at work on a new logo and strategic plan.  This weekend, we were introduced to both and think that they have done a pretty bang up job.

We love the way that they have integrated the iconic Minneapolis Cherry sculpture into the bike frame.  Now we are looking to get our hands on a t-shirt.  Read more about the creation of their logo here.

To complete the strategic plan, they used an outside consulting firm, received feedback from 40 different stakeholders and worked towards this for several months.  The creation of the strategic plan is a big step forward for the MBC and we have to applaud their effort.  To create a plan from scratch really takes hard work, but is necessary to running a successful organization.  Included in the document are the MBC’s stated vision, mission, and core values as well as goals for this year and benchmarks for judging their success.  We will let you explore the document on your own, at the link (Warning PDF).  Just incase you aren’t going to click-through we will reprint their Mission statement, because the more people who know about it the better.


The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition advocates for a city where bicycling is encouraged and everyone feels comfortable riding.

The plan was formally approved by the board of directors on March 1st.

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