Register for 30 Days of Biking

From the best that we can tell, the organization 30 Days of Biking is located right here in the Twin Cities.  They have some local sponsors, and seem to be pretty intertwined with the Minneapolis Twittersphere, so we will stick with that assumption.

Regardless of their location, it is time to head on over to register for 30 Days of Biking (Round 3).  The premise behind 30 days of biking is simple, starting April 1st, you bike everyday (no matter the distance) for 30 days straight.  Sound easy enough to you?  If so, just head over the their website and register now.

If you haven’t been riding this winter, this is a great chance for you to get rolling (pun intended) into spring and summer, maybe even commute to work a few days.  Also it is a great excuse to get the bike down from the rafters in the garage and beat the inevitable rush for tune-ups at your local bike shop.

Go register already.

Update: CTC reader Erik, helped us do our homework.  Here is a Star Tribune article from last year about these folks.  Thanks Erik!

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2 Responses to Register for 30 Days of Biking

  1. Erik Ostrom says:

    You assume right! Here’s a Strib article from last spring.

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