Celebrate 10 Years With Sibley Bike Depot

We probably don’t talk about Sibley Bike Depot enough here on CTC, but hopefully that is something that we can change.  Believe it or not this year, Sibley is celebrating their 10th year in operation and they are  hosting an open house/celebration to commemorate the milestone.  From their website;

“Sibley is ten years old this year!  Join us as we celebrate the beginning of another exciting year.  We’ll reflect on successes of this last year, share visions for this coming year, and introduce new Board and staff members.  Enjoy an evening of meeting volunteers, program participants, bike advocates, community leaders, and everyone else.  Food and beverages will be provided!”

Sibley is a great place to learn how to work on bikes, or if you already know how, you can volunteer your time to help others (they’re also hiring).  Want to know more about them?  Check out the video and then visit the website.

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One Response to Celebrate 10 Years With Sibley Bike Depot

  1. Lowrah says:

    Save the Date – Monday April 11, 5-7pm Spring Kick-off Open House and Ten
    Year Anniversary Celebration

    Also, Sibley’s Women and Trans Night starts up again on Tuesday, March 1.

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