Heck of the North Registration Announced

Over the weekend registration details were published for another leg of the AGRS: Race for the Cup, Heck of the North.  For those of you not familiar with the Heck of the North, it is a 102 mile (mostly) gravel road race that takes place in October in Duluth, MN.  It self-supported, free and similar is all most aspects to other AGRS (Almanzo Gravel Road Series) races like the Almanzo 100, Royal 162, and Dirty Benjamin, except for the registration.

Registration for the Almanzon 100 and Royal 162 (now closed) is a take all comers system, requiring only that a postcard be mailed within the January registration period.  This resulted in a 700 person start roster.  While we think that between now and the May 14th start time in Southern Minnesota, there will be a few drop off that roster, either way it is a massive event.

The Dirty Benjamin takes a slightly different approach, in limiting the number of riders to 200 total but opening up the registration to everyone via postcard.  Registration for the Dirty Benjamin started February 1st and will remain open until all 200 spots are filled.  According to the online roster at the time of this post 142 riders have signed up, which means that there is still time to get your registration mailed, but hurry up.

The Heck of the North, is different all together in selection and rider limits.  Only 100 people (up from 75 last year) will have the opportunity to ride and compete for the AGRS points available to the starters and finishers of this race.  But don’t go running to the mailbox quite yet, registration for this event is going to take some luck, unless you started and finished the race last year.  Those folks who completed the race last year (maximum of 75) have automatic entrance based on mailing a postcard that is received by Jeremy Kershaw during the registration period April 1 – May 1.  Everyone else who mails a postcard during that time will be entered into a lottery for a start place.  Others who will be automatically entered are those individuals in the top 10 of the AGRS at the time of the race and people who are significantly contributing to planning and putting on the race.  So either get lucky, or get really fast in the first events of the year.  For more information check out the registration page.

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