Twin Cities Companies Represent at NAHBS

On Friday morning, the doors to the Austin Convention Center will open to the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show and thousands of bike geeks from across the country will flood the convention center floor, ogling the best that the hand-made bicycle community has to offer.  We were in attendance at 2009 show in Indianapolis, Indiana and spent the majority of the time trying to keep our drool off of freshly painted bicycles.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are a hot bed for all thing cycling, which includes several custom bicycle and apparel manufactures.  We decided to take a look at just how many will be making the trip down I-35 South in the next few days to display their creations.

Curt Goodrich has been manufacturing bicycles in Minneapolis since 2000.  For a long time he was a custom maker for Rivendell (a legendary handmade bicycle manufacturer), Starting in 2007, Curt struck out entirely on his own, making bicycles under his own name.

Vincent Dominguez has been manufacturing steel bicycles in the Silver City of Saint Paul since 2002.  He operates a one-man shop and puts out some very nice frames, that generally have stunning paint jobs.

HED, if you follow professional cycling at all you have seen HED wheels in action.  A long time leader in innovative design and deep section aero wheels.  They are an International company based in Shoreview Minnesota.

Speedhound another Minneapolis based bicycle manufacturer.  Where these guys really set themselves apart is in their patented dropout system.  Different types of dropouts, same bike, check it out.

Twin Six, if you are a regular reader of CTC then you know what Twin Six is all about. Their clothing is unmatched both in design and in comfort.  Just ask Alex, our Twin Six contest winner from a few weeks ago.

Last but certainly not least is Minneapolis bike builder Peacock Groove, also known as Erik Noren.  Erik might have given everyone a little sneak preview of what he is going to have on display at NAHBS a few days ago on his blog.  While he is bound to have multiple custom jobs on display, this one might be sweet enough to take home best in show.


If you are planning to make the trip down to Austin for the show, hit us up so that we can provide some coverage from the show!

We did our best to pick out the names that we recognized from the 2011 Exhibitor list, but let us know if we have missed anyone.

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One Response to Twin Cities Companies Represent at NAHBS

  1. Randall says:

    I’m in a truck headed there right now. Also going to the show are Appleman Cycles and Anderson Custom Bicycles. Check out the Nahbs exhibitor profile for PG for a little more of what he’s got.

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