Spring and Summer Detours

Eventually, all of this snow will melt, and then it will be time for Minnesota’s other season, construction. 2011 is shaping up to be a doozy that will take its toll on the bikeways of the Twin Cities.  Mostly notably the Midtown Greenway and the Hiawatha bike trail. It is unfortunate that many of these construction projects and corresponding detours are going to occur on the two of the most heavily traveled commuter bikeways during the busiest season.

For now all that we can do is try to keep you updated and let you know more, as we find it out.

Hiawatha LRT Bike Path. We heard a rumor that a part of this would be closing for the summer so we contacted the Central Corridor Project Office about it and received this response from Dan Pfeiffer.

“In spring 2011 construction will begin on the portion of Central Corridor LRT line that will connect to the current Hiawatha LRT line. This construction will require the closure and detour of the bike path that runs adjacent to the Hiawatha LRT line. The dates and exact detour route are still being discussed with the contractor. The portion that needs to be closed and detour is in the vicinity of the Cedar-Riverside Station northward to 11th Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. Construction updates and alerts are sent out weekly, which include notification of detours and maps, to sign up for these updates go to www.CentralCorridor.org and enter your email address into the yellow box at the upper left hand of the page, and then select the areas for which you want to receive updates about. The bike path closure and detour will be included with the West Bank updates.”

Once this is closed it is going to cut off a main artery into downtown and will require riders to head up to Washington ave. (a much busier road).  Here’s hoping that it happens quickly.

Midtown Greenway. This comes from the Southwest Journal via Ride Boldly!

“Greenway users will not, for two months this summer, be able to enter and exit the trail onto Dean Parkway. Crews will need to dig around the ramp there to properly bury the pipe. Gordon said he is asking the Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority about making a temporary entrance one block east at Thomas Avenue.

Without the Dean Parkway ramp, bicyclists will have to go west to Whole Foods or east to the Lagoon to get on or off the trail.”

The timeline for this project seems to be a bit up in the air for now.  So we will let you know when it is going on, although with it being a sewer line replacement, you might be able to smell this one coming.

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