Weekend Cycling Events: Frostbike, Cutter’s Ball

Unfortunately we were unable to attend two of the biggest Twin Cities Cycling events over the weekend, Frostbike and the Cutter’s Ball (Part Duh).  We were absent from Frostbike because we don’t own a bike shop and Cutter’s Ball because, although we’re trying, we have not yet mastered omnipresence.  Luckily we have the power of the internet to help with the re-caps.


From what we heard, Velo Orange made quite an impression on the Frostbike attendees, where else can you find a highly polished 1″ threaded headset these days?  Also it sounds like a lot of folks got stuck in Minnesota at least one day longer than they were planning thanks to the snow.

Gravel Grinder news has posted a rather lengthy review of their experience at Frostbike here complete with pictures.

Twenty Nine Inches posted a specific to their bike genre review.

Cutter’s Ball Part Duh;

There is not a lot of re-cap information out there about Cutter’s Ball Part Duh, presumably because most of the attendees spent all day Sunday trying to sleep off the Moosehead Light Lime beer hangover they acquired.  Ciclofish managed to shake it off long enough to get some pictures and a short re-cap posted over at his blog.  We will let you know when some more pictures get posted somewhere out there.


Despite today’s weather, Spring is quickly approaching (this is the last full week of February!) and that means more and more bike events.  We can’t get to them all so why not help us out?  Contact us if you would like to become a regular contributor here at CTC, all you need to do is bring a camera and remember and write down what happened.

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2 Responses to Weekend Cycling Events: Frostbike, Cutter’s Ball

  1. generide says:

    the Cutter’s ball was a success again – Eric Noren was a gracious host, great fun!

  2. hokan says:

    I remember thinking I should go to the ball.

    Sunday was a recovery day.

    I guess I had fun!

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