Weekend Cycling Event Recap: One Rock Rally

We can honestly admit (probably for the first time in recorded history) that on Sunday afternoon we actually had fun on a bike trainer.  Andy Thieman and his co-hosts Fulton Brewery, Twin Six, ArtCrank, Tour de Farm and Wigwam brought 100 riders and trainers to the new (future) brewing location for Fulton Brewery and provided entertainment galore.

Despite all of the snow on Sunday the room was packed wall to wall with riders and tons of spectators for the One Rock Rally.  We started off as a group at 2:30 and the room was buzzing with energy as a result of the event’s success (proceeds were donated to the LIVESTRONG foundation) and in anticipation of the riding ahead.

Most riders were on their trainers for two hours straight, aside of the occasional beer run, however, three trophies were handed out for the riders who were able to stay on their bikes riding for the longest.  At about hour four they made the remaining riders stand up continuously as they rode.  Six riders were able to stay on their bikes for over five hours straight before some began to drop off.

If we were handing out awards at the event, they would have gone to the one rider who we observed arriving at the event on bike (he then promptly changed his rear tire and hopped on the trainer) and the two riders we saw using rollers instead of stationary trainers.  All brave souls.

Kare11 ran a video story prior to the event and it is certainly worth watching.

Thanks to Andy and the whole BLOOD + SWEAT + CHEMO for hosting such a great event!

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