CTC and Minneapolis Bike Love

Those of you who are regulars over at the MPLS Bike Love forum have probably noticed some changes over the past few weeks.  Today Cycle Twin Cities and MPLS Bike Love are announcing one more, a content partnership that will hopefully expand readership and content on both sites.

So what exactly does this mean for CTC?  Well, to start, this is not an announcement saying that we will become RSS feeds of each others’ sites.  We will each continue to offer unique content to those visiting our websites.  After some initial meetings with Minneapolis Bike Love, we realized that we share many of the same goals and most importantly we share a love of the Twin Cities cycling community.

We believe that one of the things that we do best (and enjoy the most) here at CTC is covering events and providing profiles of the people and companies that help to make up the Twin Cities cycling scene.  With that in mind CTC has teamed up with MPLS Bike Love to periodically bring that type of content (event coverage and profiles) to the new MPLS Bike Love Blog.

With last week’s announcement by MPLS Bike Love and BikeMN this is another example of how MPLS Bike Love is trying to expand its reach to new and different groups of cyclists to “become an inclusive resource for the greater cycling community”.

We are very excited to be working with MPLS Bike Love, and as cyclists, happy that we now have one additional resource to bring cycling news and information.

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