Weekend Cycling Events: Balls

To begin with apologies for the title of this post, but we just couldn’t resist.

Weekend Cycling Events

Frostbike; All weekend QBP is hosting their open house (invite only) for bike shops vendors and dealers from around the country.  The registration for this filled up fast so if you aren’t currently in possession of a pass you aren’t getting in, but have no fear there is plenty to do otherwise.


1st Annual Minnesota Randonneurs Conference; Chances are if you are a Minnesota Randonneur you’ve already heard about this and you are registered, but maybe you are curious about what goes on with these folks.  Why not check it out, 10-3 at 14200 Cedar Ave (DCTC Conference Center).

Cutter’s Ball; With everyone in town for Frostbike the Twin Cities has the chance to show off it’s cycling scene.  This is the place to do it.  from 7-10 tonight at Peacock Groove, just off the Greenway.


One Rock Rally; This is the other half of our title for the weekend.  Come to the Fulton Brewery and support Andrew Thieman as he battles testicular cancer.  You have to have a trainer and a bike, check out the link for more information. It starts at 2:00 and is at Fulton Brewery.  We are still looking for a few more people to volunteer trainers to loan out to perspective riders, so e-mail us if you fit into that category cycletc(at)gmail(dot)com.  


Did we miss anything?  Let us know!


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