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We, the cyclists of the Twin Cities have a lot of things going for us.  In addition to having miles and miles of off street bicycle trails within the city, we are also a weekend trip away from being able to ride our bikes on some really nice trails both paved and un-paved. This month the national organization Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is recognizing one of those trails, and another trail is getting set to open its inaugural season.

The Paul Bunyan State Trail (PBST) spans 112 miles from Brainerd on the south end of the trail all the way up to Lake Bemidji State Park on the Northern trailhead.  This month Rails-to-Trails named the PBST their “Trail of the Month” and announced that it is the newest member of the Rails-to-Trails hall of fame.  We have never ridden this trail, but it sounds like it just made it onto our summer planning to-do list.

For those of you who prefer your trails unpaved and rugged another weekend trip will get you onto one of the newest mountain bike trails in Minnesota, Cuyuna.  The financing and work on this trail was completed last year and it is set to open up to the public this spring after the snow has melted.  It is pretty much a straight shot north from the Twin Cities and looks like it will be a fun ride.  We caught up with JR during the Stupor Bowl a few weeks ago, and he said that he got a preview ride last fall and loved it.  He shot some video with both front a rear cams, and put it up on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.  This also appeared on Bike Jerks a few weeks ago. Enjoy the trails this spring!

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2 Responses to Minnesota Trail News

  1. lowrah says:

    I wonder if that is JR from Headhunter?

    I was always sad that this blog didn’t go further.

    PS Gangstarr!

  2. JR says:

    Yes, I am the J.R. from Headhunter!

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