Midtown Greenway and 5th Avenue: Stop Sign Update

On January 17th, we posted about the changes to the intersection of the Midtown Greenway and 5th Ave.  Specifically, the problem that we saw with the new stop signs (nobody was actually stopping).  Much to our surprise the intersection looked much different yesterday when we rode past the stop sign.

Our post elicited a response from fellow blogger Ruben at VeloTraffic, who offered some alternatives to the current set-up, hoping to make drivers pay attention to the stop signs and help prevent an accident.

The current (and clearly temporary) stop sign, is directly in front of the trail, easily visible to drivers turning from 29th St. and effective at getting drivers to stop, based on our observations.

The lingering question is whether or not this change is due to a car accident taking out the original stop sign, or due to a recognition for a need for a better solution.  The answer is probably the former, however, this serves as an excellent opportunity for the City of Minneapolis to take a second look at the placement of the sign and fix the intersection.

Well Minneapolis, are you listening?

Intersection In January

Stop Sign Today

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3 Responses to Midtown Greenway and 5th Avenue: Stop Sign Update

  1. moose says:

    I ride past this every day and I haven’t seen too many people blowing the stop sign. Maybe one? I’m not usually there during rush hour and I don’t see too many cars, period, but the ones I’ve seen have been good about stopping.

  2. Alex says:

    I’ve seen most cars stop, but generally I see cars that turn onto 5th from that street right above the Greenway usually run the stop sign since it’s so sudden after their turn that they miss it. Maybe moving it closer to the Greenway is to address that?

  3. crossn81 says:

    When I ran past there this afternoon I saw two or three cars stop, coming from both directions. I didn’t really pay too much attention, but I think they have a full height sign up and some type of construction barrier on the northbound side.

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