Interviews With Twin Cities Cyclists

YouTube user  has posted a very interesting video about the benefits of cycling.  The great part is, he has interviewed a lot of Twin Cities area cyclists in the process.  It is pretty long but well worth it as we saw several people that we know well.


[Via MPLS Bike Love]

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2 Responses to Interviews With Twin Cities Cyclists

  1. Kat says:

    I am dissapointed the author of the video publically released it without making the changes requested by those interviewed.

  2. Elliot Novak says:

    I’m disappointed I couldn’t make those changes… if you would like to know all of the reasons why I could not have made them, I would be happy to furnish the list. All I could ever hope to do from about 2 days after it was e-mailed to the participants was rebuild it entirely from the raw video. Considering I don’t have 50+ hours (conservative guess) to rebuild the video to make a few minor changes, I figured I would make it public. I got the full 5 points for my service learning project, if anyone cares. I will let you know how the land use class reacts to the video.

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