Arrowhead 135 Recap

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Two weeks ago we brought you some history and a link to a re-cap of action from this year’s Arrowhead 135.  But that didn’t really give you perspective about what it was like to actually ride in the event.  If you’ve always been curious about what it takes to actually ride the Arrowhead check out this blog posting on the Surly blog by “Brother Dave Sunshine”

The post is quite long so set aside some time to actually read through it, you won’t regret it.  Dave takes you through everything about the ride from planning and bike building to clothing choices and the mental toll being on a bike that long in the cold of Northern Minnesota (also some great pictures).

We still can’t imagine what it is actually like to ride this thing.  It makes all of our self-congratulatory winter commuting thoughts seem pretty insignificant.

Congratulations to everyone who make it through.

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